Always agree on price

This trip to Budapest has been full of surprises. First Wizzair, with seats without recline and no inflight entertainment at all except loudly playing AC/DC’s Highway to Hell during landing, then our boatride. I will tell you about that later. And now our night out. First the squatter club, with al the emos and squatters and, well, the hip Budapest crowd.¬† Then the next club, a mixture between De Meander / De Gieter en Saturday Night Fever. Then the taxi home. After just a few hunderd meters, the meter was already indicating 1000 HUF (3,30 EUR), then, ten seconds later, 1500 HUF (5EUR), and we were discussing that it was too much since we paid 850 HUF for more or less the same trip yesterday. When we were halfway, it already was at 2850 HUF. And then we told the driver it was too much. And he stopped the meter. And when we were there, we told him 2850 was still way too much, even if he stopped the meter halfway. We ended up paying 1900 HUF, which, according¬† to locals, is about a fair price. We also learned that a meter is not always a meter, since it has a switch for 1x, 2x, 3x and 4x the normal rate. So. Always settle on a fixed price BEFORE you get into the taxi.

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