Monthly Archive for December, 2009

1L Electives

Got a reply from Teller about the 1L Elective courses. He says exchange students are only allowed to take them if there’s space, which there wasn’t. If he saw this on a registration form he would mail the student so that he or she could make adjustments. However, I was late in submitting my form so he didn’t mail me. For God’s sake man, why on earth didn’t you just send a mail to every exchange student to tell them they shouldn’t list 1L Elective courses? Don’t you think that would have been easier than mailing them all individually if you spotted a 1L Elective course and then have them send in a new, corrected form? Are you really that — mm, maybe I should leave it at that.


Class selections are in. It looks like I only made it into two courses (Human Rights and International Commercial Arbitration), and was placed on the waitlist for four others (including the two seminars I listed as my first choice!).  Somehow, the two 1L Electives I picked are not on there. Got to mail Teller about that.

Classes look cutthroat, with only 10 JD students out of 52 in the Arbitration course – 39 are LLMs, and there’s on SJD. The other two are exchange students (one of them being me). I click at random on the name of one of my classmates – her CV pops up. Graduated Ireland University in 2003, got a JD degree at Bologna in 2006, an MSc from Siena, reseacher and / or teacher at two more Italian universities… This is slightly disconcerting. Looking at more CVs, the pattern more or less continues. Many of my classmates are international students that already have a law degree and, sometimes, years of professional experience, either at law firms or at large multi-national corporations. Of the US students, most have attended an Ivy League undergrad college – that is, if they don’t already have some professional degree or experience, like the international ones. Not all is bad though. One person, straight from college, lists his favourite authors as ‘JK Rowling, John Grisham, Tom Clancy’. I should be able to compete with that.