1L Electives

Got a reply from Teller about the 1L Elective courses. He says exchange students are only allowed to take them if there’s space, which there wasn’t. If he saw this on a registration form he would mail the student so that he or she could make adjustments. However, I was late in submitting my form so he didn’t mail me. For God’s sake man, why on earth didn’t you just send a mail to every exchange student to tell them they shouldn’t list 1L Elective courses? Don’t you think that would have been easier than mailing them all individually if you spotted a 1L Elective course and then have them send in a new, corrected form? Are you really that — mm, maybe I should leave it at that.

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  • Benieuwd of mr Teller ooit van dit weblog hoort…. Voor de zekerheid toch maar in het Nederlands: alsof mr Teller niet tot tien kan tellen!

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