Monthly Archive for January, 2010

Well, that’s a surprise is the site I use to try new functions and / or designs for various websites, but mainly for my personal travel photography blog:, so you probably shouldn’t even be here. No worries though. At the moment I’m trying out new gallery software. Because of that, there are quite some photo’s here, though not nearly as much as on the main site. If you came here for that, or for my blog, you might want to check that out.

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First photo’s online

Yeah, first photo’s of New York are in the gallery! Check them out here.

Statue of Liberty

A Room with a View

A Room with a View

A Room with a View

Yes, this is the view from my room. And no, it’s not depressing. I just keep the blinds shut all the time.

New York, New York

What do Ethiopia and New York have in common?  They both have taxi drivers who go ‘Ah, Holland? Ruud ven Nistelroooi, Frenk dé Buuur, Robin ven Persiieee’ . What do New York and Amsterdam have in common? They both have taxi drivers who shout in Arabic in their phone whilst driving.

I know the Dutch are the tallest people in the world, but I’m only 5’10. So how come my feet stick out of what the Americans call a ‘full size bed’?

‘Hey, we’re Verizon, the biggest cell phone company in the US. We don’t use SIM cards, that’s something for Europeans, so no you can’t use your own phone, you’ll have to buy our phone. Oh, and you have to pay to receive a call, and to receive a text message. And yes, by chance we’re also the biggest assholes in the US.’

I don’t want you to ask how I am. I want you to take my order and make my goddamn coffee!

Two fried eggs with bacon, unlimited coffee and some fries for breakfast – five dollars. One, yes one jar of peanut butter – six dollars. American Logic – priceless. (voor de rest, Eurocard / Mastercard)