The other night I stumbled upon a guy in a wheelchair. Or really, I didn’t stumble upon him as much as he called me out. If I could give him a push. Sure I can give him a push. Who’s gonna refuse a handicapped person a push? Ensuring me that he didn’t want money, he told me to ‘park’ him somewhere. Only to spontaneously give me a rather poor Sean Connery impression. The whole situation was just too funny, and having had a few too many drinks I had to laugh. After his stand up (well, not really…) comedy was done, he told me to give him ten bucks and wheel him home – which was the opposite direction from where he told me to push him first. But who can say no to poor, handicapped person? I wheeled him home (having had a few too many drinks, I can’t remember if I actually gave him the 10 bucks as well). Good karma.

This night, walking home again, I again came across the very same wheel chaired man. “Hey man –” -“Hey, it’s you again –” -“Can you give me push?” -“Sorry, not tonight, I’m in a hurry,” I said, walking past him, crossing the street. -“Hey man, ya can’t do tha, ya can’t do tha!!” -“Hey, I gave you a push yesterday, today I’m in a hurry, OK –” -“But I want a BEER NOW!!!”, he shouted after me in an angry voice. I hurried along, again disappointed at humanity — though I really shouldn’t have been surprised. Karma?

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