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Moar photos

I somehow forgot to mention the photos of my trip to Israel, the West Bank and Petra are now online (and have been for quite some time). If you haven’t seen them yet, check them out now!

First photo’s online

Yeah, first photo’s of New York are in the gallery! Check them out here.

Statue of Liberty

Foto's Interrail 2008

Het werd toch wel tijd dat ik de foto’s van vorig jaar zomer eens ging uploaden. Het zijn er niet eens veel, maar goed, ze staan er.

Berlin photo's

I’d all but forgotten that I went to Berlin in October last year, and that I actually made some photo’s there. I’ve uploaded them to the gallery (finally), right here. Just a handful, then again I was only there for one day really.

Update at 01.10: I also just updated WordPress to 2.7 and Gallery to 2.3. Smoothens things out, tightens security. Gives me more flexibility to add stuff and stuff.