Below you will find my photos arranged in series, in a chronological order. If you want to seen an overview arranged by country, click here.

Please note that these galleries include all photos I think are interesting for someone curious about the locations and not necessarily from a photographer’s point of view. For that, you may want to check a more narrow selection here.

Travels 2012

September 2012 - present

Belarus, Russia, Mongolia, China, Vietnam, Laos...

55 Photos

Slovenia 2012

August 2012

Na sončni strani Alp

23 Photos

China 2011

July 2011

Ducks in Beijing, an army of terracotta in Xi'an, pandas in Chengdu, a cruise along the Yangtze, A Room With A View in Shanghai and ridiculous crowds on a holy mountain.

147 Photos

Israel, the West Bank & Petra

September 2010

Visiting Yanthe with Laura! Went to Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Ramallah, Hebron, Bethlehem, Ein Gedi & Petra, Jordan

79 Photos

New York 2010

January - May 2010

Law School State of Mind. Also includes photo's from Washington and Philadelphia.

112 Photos


October / November 2009

Visiting Laura in Addis Ababa, travels to Bahr Dar, Gonder, the Simiens, Axum, Lalibela and (with Laura!) Harar.

30 Photos

Interrail 2008

July 2008

Three weeks by train through Central Europe - Switzerland, Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovenia

23 Photos

Amsterdamse Bos

Winter 07/08

Snow and ice in the Forest.

21 Photos


August 2007

A week in overcrowded Venice and at the Biennale.

23 Photos

Val Sinestra Summer 2007

July 2007

Yes, Val Sinestra once again 😉

25 Photos

New Zealand

November 2006 - April 2007

Five months in a land down under

115 Photos

Older Photos

< 2007

All photos made before my trip to New Zealand are in here!

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